Read the different workshop summaries from the 2008 University for the reception of new inhabitants


The summaries of the workshops have been translated into English. For all of the workshops you can refer to the participants’ file, and discover the reports of the different experiences, the themes, and a list of those who took part in the workshop. That’s the participants’ file, however it is in French.


Thursday 19 June 2008- morning session

How do we develop a territory’s image? Trends and techniques

Relationships with the media

Promotion and Marketing tools

The new generation web

Mini conference: The countryside’s image


Thursday 19 June 2008- afternoon session

Foreigners from here and elsewhere: The appeal of living together

Attracting new inhabitants from abroad

Developing territories and opening up mentalities

Improving coexistence


Friday 20 June –morning session

What about at local level? The numerous facets of local communication

The territory’s image

Develop a marketing strategy and an appropriate communication plan

Rouse partners’ interest in the territory’s reception project

Mini conference: the territory’s identity


Specific workshops

Massif Central workshop